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“You have a big opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life by making a modest contribution”
John Ward, LOTUS President




Your donations provide a critical means of supporting programs that affect not just the current generation of children in need, but many of generations to come as well.



You can play an active role in improving and even saving lives in Viet Nam and Mexico with your donation to LOTUS Humanitarian Aid Foundation. No matter what your level of spending, your contribution will be matched with the donations of other individuals and organizations to provide Open Heart surgeries for deserving kids; to provide support for education of school kids in Viet Nam; to provide clean drinking water for families in central Mexico, and to continue the good work of LOTUS.

Past contributions have assisted in funding more than 925 Open Heart surgeries, providing scholarships for dozens of Viet Nam kids, and providing construction materials and technical assistance for more than a dozen household water cisterns in Central Mexico.

It is easy to make a contribution to or show support of LOTUS. Simply select one of the methods to the left. If its more convenient, you may drop a check in the mail to the address below:

LOTUS Humanitarian Aid Foundation
P.O. Box 3869
Ketchum, ID 83340

Whether you contribute $25, $250 or even more, every dollar counts in improving conditions in the communities we serve. Thank you!