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Community Setting


LOTUS became involved with developing domestic water systems in the central Mexican state of Guanajuato in 2014 at the urging of Board Member Mark Stewart and his wife Margaret. Since then LOTUS has increased its financial contributions to this effort and in February 2015 a contingient of LOTUS Board members visited several rural communities to gauge the effectiveness of the Program.

Click here to meet our in-country coordinators, partners and volunteers..


Experts in water resources tell us that water supplies within Mexico’s central highlands are significantly polluted as a consequence of historic mining and high concentrations of naturally occuring minerals such as floride. This makes the water unhealthy. Neither residents in rural Guanajuato nor their regional governments have the funds to provide centralized water distribution or treatment facilities. Thus, the simplest solution — making use of rain water runoff into lined cisterns — is also the most economical and effective.


Your donation to LOTUS of $100 – $250 US can, when leveraged with our other funding partners, ensure that a family in rural central Mexico has high quality water available on a continuing basis.

A family will join with up to nine other households to prepare sites for the cisterns and complete all but the most complicated aspects of construction. Upon completion, the family unit is trained in the ongoing practices necessary to maintain the system..



The Rotary San Miguel Midday (RSMM) club was chartered on June 30, 2005.

In the ensuing years, RSMM is proud to have contributed to the betterment of our community in many of areas. RSMM’s current service projects include Fighting Disease and Growing Local Economies, Providing Clean Water, and Saving Mothers and Children and Supporting Education.



CEDESA technical support team and local volunteers are gearing up for the coming summer when new cisterns will be installed by residents.



Project Benefits

Cisterns: 626
Communities: 24
People served: Over 4,000 family members plus other school & kinder children