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LOTUS Humanitarian Aid Foundation (LOTUS) is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization founded in 2006. LOTUS) provides humanitarian aid to needy individuals, families, and small communities in Viet Nam with an eye toward connecting the donors, staff, and beneficiaries on a personal, intimate level – thus, promoting a meaningful relationship to all parties.

LOTUS Humanitarian Aid Foundation organizes and funds projects in three general program areas:

LOTUS Open-Heart Program: The Open-Heart program works and cooperates with the provincial level of the Vietnamese Committee for Population, Family, and Children (CPFC) to compile a list of children with suspected heart disease within each district of the province, systematically refer these children and arrange for a definitive diagnosis, surgery schedule, and cost of surgery and post-operative care.

LOTUS Water Harvesting Program. LOTUS has partnered with the Rotary San Miguel Midday Club to install water harvesting cisterns in three communities within the state of Guanajuato Mexico. 

Paul Duffey Educational Fund: This newly launched Fund combines several LOTUS scholarship programs seeks to combat Viet Nam’s chronic youth unemployment with educational opportunities. 



Roger Van Dyken – April 2014
Few organizations impact the lives of so many people with direct, accountable, transparent support saving and improving lives. Superbly efficient investment in the lives of people

Eric Rasmussen – 2012
Before visiting Viet Nam in 2008 and observing the extent of poverty within rural communities, I had no idea how great the need for support was. After meeting LOTUS staff, it was easy to see the impact of their work and how my monetary contributions could support their efforts.

Meet the Board and Staff

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Eric Rasmussen

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